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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Expert on Methanol Alerts Public to Imminent Health Crisis

 Aspartame Submission from Prof. Woodrow C. Monte to EFSA: While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills 241 p -- Ch 12 Autism and other Birth Defects 26 p -- 740 references 

Date: Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 8:17 PM
Subject: Aspartame Submission from Professor Woodrow Monte

Hugues Kenigswald, Chief
                                3 November 2011
Food Additive and Nutrient Division
European Food Safety Authority

Mr. Kenigswald:

            Please consider this a response to your letter of October
14th to Rich Murray requesting my work by November 5th.  This is also
a continuation of my official submission to the EFSA call for data on
aspartame on the 7th of July, 2011.

            I explicitly give EFSA permission to exchange the book
chapter I attach to this email with the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee
on Food Additives.

            This is my work, I am the author and I own the copyright
to the work.

            My concern about the safety of aspartame centers on its
11% methanol content. My reservation about its safety has only
deepened over the twenty five years since my first scientific
publication questioning its safety in the Journal of Applied Nutrition
(previously sent to Sandra Adedapo).

            Every molecule of aspartame liberates a molecule of
methanol on consumption and each molecule of methanol metabolizes into
a molecule of formaldehyde within the brain and other vulnerable
tissue of the unsuspecting consumer.

            Formaldehyde is now universally classified as a known
human carcinogen with no safe level of consumption.  The health threat
is magnified when this highly reactive substance is produced within
the body from methanol.

            My recent scientific article explains in detail the
premise by which methanol may act as a etiologic agent of
disease.(586)*  The reference numbering of this version of my article
can be used on the reference section of my website,, to easily retrieve original
references where needed for elucidation.

            I am in press of a review of the entire body of methanol
literature as pertinent to aspartame poisoning in a book entitled
While Science Sleeps. The book will be available on very
soon. I recommend it to your committee as a thorough review of the
methanol literature by a food scientist who has never been a
consultant to the industry that profits from the sweetener.

            The recent controversial admission by the U. S.
Environmental Protection Agency that "methanol is a possible cause of
developmental birth defects"(627) and the recent release (this year)
of an internal U.S. FDA memo(677) pointing to aspartame as having
caused birth defects in laboratory animals are significant evidence to
suspect aspartame as the cause of the 25-year-old epidemic of autism,
whose point of origin appears to coincide to within one gestational
period of the date of aspartame's addition to carbonated beverages.

            I have attached a prepublication copy of Chapter 12 of my
book, While Science Sleeps, that deals with autism and aspartame in
order to expedite your committee's reevaluation of the safety of this
substance.  I ask that any use of the material herein be sourced to my
in press book, While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills, by Woodrow C.
Monte, Ph.D.

            If I can do anything further to help in your review,
please let me know.  In the recent past, I have registered with Sandra
Adedapo of your staff and sent her other information that I hope will
be helpful.

Kindest regards,

Woodrow C. Monte, Ph.D -

Emeritus Professor of Food Science - Arizona State University    

* All references from submitted Chapter 12 of While Science Sleeps.

Wh i l e S c i e n c e S l e e p s © W. M o n t e ( P r e p u b l i c
a t i o n ) P a g e | 1

Reproduction with permission only -

P a g e | 2

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

I A Time When All the Easy Questions Have Been Answered 7

II Methanol: Where Is It Found? How Can It Be Avoided? 20

III Man And Methanol: A Tragic History of Mutation and Deceit 27

IV Formaldehyde Is The Real Problem 44

V The Silent Battle That Turns Methanol Into Disease 64

VI How Methanol Kills 73

VII Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Disease) 94

VIII Alzheimer's Disease and its Perivascular Nature 122

IX Multiple Sclerosis 136

X Classic Autoimmune Diseases Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis 184

XI Cancers of Aspartame 194

XII Autism and other Birth Defects 216 [ 27 p ]

Bibliography 242
740 full text pdfs
(1) Monte WC. Aspartame; Methanol and the Public Health. Journal of
Applied Nutrition 1984;36(1):42-58.
(627) Shelby M. NTP-CERHR Expert Panel report on the reproductive and
developmental toxicity of methanol. Reproductive Toxicology
(677) Collins TFX. Memorandum: Aspartame shown to cause nural tube
birth defects in the New Zealand rabit, an animal very resistant to
methanol poisoning. Freedom of information: Department of Health
Education and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration; 1978.

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