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Friday, May 29, 2015


Pilots on Aspartame
Interview on WOR Radio NYC
Following from WOR Radio HOST/ Dr. Robert Atkins 

Interview w/Mary Nash Stoddard:

 All right, let's start taking calls you're on WOR, let's talk to Herb on Long Island. 

Herb: Hello, Dr. Bob, I'd just like to relay a story about my daughter who just happened to be the first female jet pilot in the USAF. About five years ago, she came home on Thanksgiving weekend leave and she drank a lot of diet sodas. She had a bad spell here. A weak spell. But, when she got back to base,  she went through a medical, and they determined that she had  heart palpitations and arrhythmia.

Dr. Atkins : Were they alert to the possibility at this point in history, five years ago of diet sodas being the cause? Did they themselves think of diet sodas as the possible problem?

Herb: Yes. And, they determined that it might be the diet sodas and the artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Atkins: Mary, you should, take credit for that, I think. For giving that index of suspicion to everybody connected with caring for pilots that that is a possibility. 

Mary : That's wonderful. We have done a lot of work with the FAA. Off the record, they are with us. But, on the record they can't say anything.

Herb:  Also, in her group, in the Air Force, there were other pilots who were grounded because of heart problems. They discontinued using all their artificial sweeteners for one month and their flying status was restored to them. My daughter's retired now.

Dr. Atkins: Let's talk to Joy in New Jersey, Joy, you're on WOR.

Joy: Yes, good evening, Dr. Atkins and Ms. Stoddard. I experienced a severe problem with aspartame about ten years ago. I put it in my coffee. Within three minutes, I had such a headache I couldn't stand on my feet. I had palpitations and dizziness. I was deathly sick. I thought I was going to end up in the hospital. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

ADVERSE REACTION QUESTIONNAIRE (Please Fill In & Return For Our Files)

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network & Pilot Hotline Questionnaire
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(FACT SHEET available by email) 
Name: (First)                            (MI)              (Last)
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(Reported symptoms of Aspartame poisoning include:
migraines, gastrointestinal, vertigo, insomnia, numbness of extremeties, blurred vision, blindness, hemorrhaging and other eye problems, memory loss, confusion, slurred speech, mild to suicidal depression, personality disorders, hyperactivity in adults and children, nausea, seizures including grand mal, skin lesions, bladder problems, rashes, anxiety/phobia attacks, muscle cramping, twitching and joint pain, mood swings, fatigue, PMS, menstrual disfunction, impotency, heart attack symptoms, hearing loss and tinnitus, loss or change of taste, edemas and death.)
Q.  Name medical problems YOU experienced while using aspartame (™ NutraSweet; Equal; Neotame; Advantame; AminoSweet; TwinSweet; Canderel, etc.)

Q.  Have you been diagnosed with any form of malignancy that coincided with your aspartame use? (Aspartame caused brain, uterine, pancreatic, liver, kidney, lung and mammary tumors in lab animals when tested.) Latest studies include: lymphoma and leukemia as well.

Q.  Did your symptoms go away or diminish when you stopped using the sweetener?

Q.  How long have you been Aspartame-free?

Q.  Did you see a Doctor about any of these symptoms?

Q.  Did your Doctor think it could be related to aspartame? 

Q.  Did your Doctor advise you to stop using aspartame? 

Q.  Did you use aspartame while pregnant? (Give approx. amounts.)
(Aspartame changes DNA and has caused birth defects in lab animals.)

Q.  Did you report your symptoms to the FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) or any other group?

Q.  Name the specific products(s) containing aspartame you were consuming when you experienced these symptoms. (Brand names.)

Q.  On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each time, etc.) 

Q.  Did you ever feel addicted to your sweetener? (Describe)

Q.  How long had you been consuming aspartame before you began to experience any symptoms?

Did you begin using products with aspartame when you began a restricted calorie diet or joined a weight loss program?

Did you use aspartame products only for some of your meals to save calories?

Did aspartame seem to help you lose weight at first?

What were the long term weight loss effects of using aspartame.


Q.  Did your Doctor or a Registered Dietitian tell you to use aspartame?

Q.  Any trouble controlling blood sugar levels while using aspartame? (Explain)

Q.  Did using aspartame affect the types of food you selected to eat?
Q.  How?

Q.  Did you contact the American Diabetic Association, Registered Dietitians or any other group about your problems w/Aspartame? If yes, what was their response?

Q.  Did Aspartame affect your desire for sweet tasting food or drink? 
Remember, Aspartame is often the unidentified environmental trigger for: Epstein Barre - Chronic Fatigue Syn. - Post Polio Syn. - Lyme Disease - PMS - Carpal Tunnel - Arthritis - Meniere's - Alzheimer's - ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) - MS - Epilepsy - Anxiety/Phobia Disorders - PMS - PTSD - PAD - SAD - EMS - Graves - False Memory - Brain tumors - Fibromyalgia - Stroke - Heart Disease - Attention Deficit Disorder - Birth Defects - Miscarriage - other Rare or "Difficult-to-Diagnose" Diseases.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out and return this form. If you wish, you may attach a narrative re: Your Story, and/or any Pathology Lab Reports you may have in the way of documentation.Your cooperation and assistance may help save a life! May we have permission to  publish your data to help others?  
Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder A.C.S.N. and Worldwide Pilot Hotline.

Mary Nash Stoddard