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Saturday, July 25, 2015

maryJournalist/Broadcaster/Public Relations Consultant/Expert Medical Witness/Educator
Internationally recognised investigative journalist who also specializes in media relations, image building and promotion campaigns for corporations, not-for-profit-organizations, newsmakers and best selling authors.
Environmental issues and education are an important part of her life. She is past president and current board member of Save Open Space. Mary writes articles for international publications. Her professional endeavors (and work with volunteer organizations) have attracted media attention worldwide, for nearly three decades.
Head of Stoddard Media, Mary is a product of Baylor University and Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) School of Journalism. She is currently a freelance consultant with a new international corporation, which will be responsible for the formal education and training of children and adults.
Universities, Colleges and Medical Schools engage her as a guest lecturer. She teaches Masters classes for post graduate credit at Journalism Schools and Science Departments. Post graduate journalism students at American University in Washington DC voted her: ‘Most Popular Visiting Professor.’
An unprecedented career milestone occurred when Stoddard was engaged by the school to teach a class at the prestigious: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Newsmaker Status was achieved, by female broadcast pioneer Stoddard, when TV Radio Mirror magazine featured her as the first FCC (U S Federal Communications Commission) licensed female announcer on Dallas, Texas Radio in 1965. As both interviewer and interviewed guest expert, Mary Nash Stoddard has logged thousands of hours of international radio and television airtime.
AIM International and The Government of Mexico formally recognised Stoddard for her research on environmental, health and food safety issues. The former talk show host and corporate spokesperson has been featured in international film documentaries. Most recently, on: Planete TV (France), which was given rave reviews in Le Monde. Mary helps produce news segments for: CBS TV News 60-Minutes (US and Australia), CNN TV (international cable network), CBC TV/Radio (Canada), BBC Radio (UK) and Global TV (Mexico and South America). She’s quoted in publications such as: UK’s The Guardian, London’s Sunday Mirror, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Netherlands’s Konsumen Kontakdt, India Times and other major print media on five continents.
A former appointed Judge for the US State of Texas, Stoddard helps to make our world safer for present and future generations. Stoddard lobbied US lawmakers in Washington DC and participated in US Senate Hearings on environmental health and safety issues. She counsels with US law firms and testifies in court cases as an Expert Medical Witness. She was a select member of President Bill Clinton’s Council on Food Safety.
Stoddard works seamlessly with the EFSA (European Food Safety Association), Members of Parliament in the UK/Australia and with businesses and corporations, such as the international airline industry. She forged successful working relationships with the following agencies: US Department of Defense, US FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Stoddard’s research regularly aids public officials, around the world, to make decisions on critical environmental and health safety issues.
Like that of the World Education Council, hers is a global vision, as she works with people from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard is living proof that one passionate person can make a difference in our world.

“Mary Nash Stoddard’s lecture tours garner international media attention and standing ovations wherever she goes. Audiences and students learn proactive strategies for being a part of the global solution, instead of powerless victims.” — Bruce Painter/author The Giving Zone

Thursday, July 2, 2015


A Message From  THE  REBEL

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AminoSweet / Aspartame

 New kid on the block:

We're familiar with aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal). But, what is AminoSweet? Is it aspartame renamed? I asked this question of Mary Stoddard, who has been 'Spokesperson and Founder' of the international aspartame awareness campaign since1987, with her all volunteer non-profit organization, Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline.

 Ms. Stoddard's explanation of AminoSweet:

"I'm finding it a bit frustrating doing in-depth research on this crazy redo of aspartame. It's my understanding that it has the same formula, with a different name. I've been looking up the labeling requirements and legal ramifications of this.

 "My logical thought is that nothing has changed but the name. However, knowing the FDA as I do, the labeling requirement may have been eliminated arbitrarily. The autonomous nature of the agency gives them almost carte blanche. Even Congress cannot do anything but rule on labeling requirements. This might be a good thing, if we had a truly independent-thinking FDA. But, members of the agency are so tied in with corporations whose products they approve and regulate, that this does not work.

 "As to why the name was changed? I like to think our efforts have had something to do with that unprecedented action being taken by the NutraSweet company. Aspartame and NutraSweet are words that denote something unhealthy now. Our awareness campaign is working after almost a quarter of a century - so well, in fact, that we are our own worst enemy. So much so that, in order to conceal the harmful nature of the established brand, the name is being changed to something they perceive to be more benign. In reality, we have studies showing artificial amino acids (those produced in a lab) in isolated form (not in the presence of other ameliorating amino acids, as found in nature) is a dangerous path to follow. In my estimation, actions such as this one, serve to further pollute our food supply and that of our precious children. In a fool-hearty rush to 'improve' upon nature and increase the profitability of our manufactured food supply, we are possibly damaging it beyond the point of no return, through greed.

 "I'm quite certain Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, never imagined the genetic and chemically altered state of our current food supply when he wrote, "Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food."

 "We do know that artificial sweeteners 'trick the tongue and body' into thinking natural sugars are entering the digestive system. Upon discovery of having been deceived, the body goes into a sort of shutdown mode to regroup and prepare for an invasion by a foreign body. Thus forcing the system into an unnatural action of having to revamp and deal the best it can with a fake food crisis - every time aspartame is ingested, this fire drill is repeated - creating a new, false 'norm.'

 "Until I find something further, telling me I am off base, I'll go with 'nothing has changed except the name.' Sounds more like an AminoSour to me!"

 Thank you to Ms. Stoddard for her insight into the name change of aspartame to AminoSweet.

 The Burden Is Ours:

As Ms. Stoddard says, since we can't depend on the FDA to give us unbiased information, the burden falls on our shoulders. Read the labels! If you see any of these words, AminoSweet, NutraSweet, Equal, aspartame, know that these are chemicals that weaken your immune system. Avoid them!! Children particularly should not consume foods or drinks with these ingredients. Remember to look at other items as well, such as chewing gum, medications, and vitamins. Bottom line, anything that goes in the mouth should be checked to see if any of these ingredients are on the label.

 Buyer's Choice:

It's our choice to purchase – or not to purchase – these products. To protect your health, I say, "Avoid these products!"

Jayne Benkendorf, editor

The Rebel   


Mary Nash Stoddard