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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aspartame Lecture - Mary Nash Stoddard

Mary Nash Stoddard, March 21, 1992

This is lecture event #3 in Dallas

Grand Mal Seizures
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cancer and Brain Tumors
Depression and Suicide
Alzheimer's Disease

All of the above health conditions have increased in alarming numbers and can be caused, in many cases, by food additives or chemicals in our environment, according to a Dallasite who is internationally famous for her campaign to educate the public of these dangers.

Mary Nash Stoddard, head of the Dallas based Aspartame Consumer Safety Network (ASCN), was part of a 1987 Senate hearing regarding the safety of aspartame (NutraSweet). Having suffered a near fatal condition (Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome) that was later linked to aspartame, Mary was called to give testimony.

One of the other individuals testifying at the Senate hearing was Air Force Major Michael Collins, an ace F-16 pilot who had felt obligated to reject offers to fly with the famous Thunderbirds because he was having bizarre symptoms of dizziness and tremors — symptoms he was afraid to disclose to anyone for fear of losing his flying credentials. Then in 1985 he had a grand mal seizure and his career as a pilot was over. By chance, his father saw an article linking NutraSweet with seizures and Major Collins was able to identify the source of his problem, but not in time to save his medical certification to fly.

According to General Aviation News, "pilot George E. Leighton experienced blurred vision so severe he was unable to read instruments on his panels and narrowly avoided a tragic landing after consuming two cups of NutraSweetened hot chocolate prior to his flight."

Another pilot writes "I used NutraSweet regularly until I read your story. I was a 48 year old pilot for a local airline until August 1987, when I had a seizure while in flight at the controls of a Piper T 1040 on a charter flight with only one pilot and two non-pilot passengers."

These are just a few of the cases that Mary Stoddard hears daily on the International Pilots Hotline (214-352-4268) in her Dallas office. She says, "We have discussed this issue with the Chief of Aviation Medicine and FAA has no position, officially, since the product is FDA approved. Unofficially, however, he acknowledged increasing reports of various reactions and will not use it himself."

Eighty-five percent of all complaints to the FDA are about aspartame and they fail to act! Part of the problem is that aspartame is classified as a food and not a drug. Two former FDA scientists involved in the original investigations of Searle Pharmaceutical's aspartame say there has been "a giant cover-up and falsification of data." Quoting General Aviation News: "Animals being tested developed brain tumors ... or died. In 1971, an independent researcher found that aspartic acid caused holes in the brains of mice he was testing; more tests by a Searle scientist confirmed the results. Similarly, of seven rhesus monkeys that were fed aspartame, five were afflicted with grand mal seizures. A sixth one died."

In addition to containing aspartic acid, NutraSweet is 50 percent phenylalinine (which can be neurotoxic) and 10 percent methanol (wood alcohol — of which two teaspoons is considered a lethal dose for adult humans). Methanol further breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid), especially if heated in hot beverages.

Mary Nash Stoddard is one of two people in the world recognized as an expert witness to testify in a court of law on the subject of aspartame and has just completed work on a book The Deadly Deception. As a dynamic talk show guest, she appeared on London's Thames TV as well as network newscasts and top rated talk shows across America. Her message linking aspartame as the unidentified environmental trigger in many cases of Grand Mal Seizure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Lyme Disease, Post Polio Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and many other mysterious illnesses is one you can't afford to miss! Your life may depend on it!