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Monday, September 27, 2010



   Los Angeles, CA - October 26, 1996 - (ACSN) --
Millions watched as Paramount Pictures' HARD COPY TV
show took on the makers of the artificial sweetener,
Aspartame, and the FDA, two days in a row, on national
television this week. Anti-Aspartame Activists from
Dallas based Aspartame Consumer Safety Network were
featured telling their stories. Pilots with seizures
from aspartame (who lost their medical certification to
fly) were seen and heard telling the world about the
"Ticking Time Bomb" in every cockpit on every flight.
It's Aspartame... in the form of  gums, breath mints,
Equal,[now, Neotame and AminoSweet],diet soft drinks, kool aid type drinks and foods
laced with the sweetener. ACSN's leaders have been
featured previously on: ABC TV's NIGHTLINE, 60-Minutes, 
warning the world of the hushed up Aspartame Epidemic.

   Two Commercial Airline Pilots were featured talking
about their grand mal seizures. One in the cockpit, in
flight. Both lost their "medical certification to fly"
as dozens of other pilots have, they blame their medical
problems on Aspartame. Worldwide Pilot's Hotline has
also heard from other airline pilots who've reported
grand mal seizures in the cockpit in flight.

   A huge audience watched incredulously as Senior
NutraSweet Medical Consultant, Robert Moser, M.D.,
extolled the virtues of Aspartame (a well documented
neurotoxin) for use by: "children, pregnant women and
lactating mothers ... "

   One interviewee, the mother of a four year old who
died and was brought back to life in the ER, believes
her daughter has suffered irreparable brain damage from
consumption of the sweetener in the form of children's

   A 30 year old diabetic described a debilitating stroke
after his heavy consumption of the sweetener. His doctor
then told him to stay away from it.

   Well-known Neurosurgeon/Author, Dr. Russell Blaylock,
told of treating patients in his practice who have
sustained serious neurological damage from their use of
this "Excitotoxin."

   A University Professor who suffered from Graves
Disease after beginning to use the sweetener in shakes
and soft drinks in lieu of meals, to lose a few pounds,
was shown also.

   Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder of the Aspartame Consumer
Safety Network (1987), has successfully reached millions
around the world following life threatening experiences
in her life, due to exposure to Aspartame. Now, with the
advent of her WorldWide Pilots Hotline in 1988,
following a request from a famous F-16 pilot who can no
longer fly, she reaches out to Commercial Airline
Pilots, Military Pilots and others to educate them
regarding the reported dangers to pilots of consuming
the sweetener. Her warnings were published a few years
ago in the official USAF Flying Safety publication, and
in dozens of flying publications around the world.
Stoddard claims Aspartame is "The Ticking Time Bomb" in
every cockpit, on every flight. And, no amount of
heightened airport security can stop it. Only vast
volumes of information contained in her files can. The
flying public needs to know. Airlines need to send memos
to their pilots, as one has already reportedly done. The
FAA should formally advise their members of this danger.
Thousands of adverse reactions have been documented by
ACSN and the Pilot's Hotline.

   In these first few hours following this week's HARD
COPY expose' of Aspartame's effects on the consuming
public (Pilots, Children, Diabetics, etc.), emails,
phone calls, and frantic requests for more documentation
are flooding the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
office in Dallas, Texas, USA. ACSN's website:

   has had thousands of "hits" from people searching  for
more information on Aspartame's deadly effects on
members of the flying community as well as  the general
public. People are stepping forward with their own
"horror stories" and negative experiences they've
associated with ingestion of a neurotoxin.

   Founder of ACSN, Mary Nash Stoddard, well known to
pilot's as their "Guardian Angel" was the only consumer
activist invited to present findings at the first
International Conference on Sweeteners this past July in
Jerusalem. (She has qualified in court proceedings as an
Expert Witness on the subject.)

   Increasingly in demand as a speaker and vital resource
for members of the media and others investigating this
issue, Stoddard's world network, Aspartame Consumer
Safety Network, is finally receiving the credibility and
legitimate status she has worked so hard for well over 2
decades to achieve. "Saving lives through education and
information" is their motto.

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network (1987)
WorldWide Pilots Hotline (Div. of ACSN)