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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Does The Powerful Sweetener Lobby Fear Most?


Knowledge of Facts Equals Power

Informed Consumers Are What The Powerful Sweetener Industry Fears Most

DALLAS - Sept. 5, 2010  --  Knowing the facts about what you are feeding yourself and your kids, puts the power back into the consumer's hands and out of the hands of the government. In the case of artificial sweeteners, Aspartame, AminoSweet and Neotame, the public has fallen victim to a corrupt system of lies, deceit and worse, on the part of a government agency established to protect the general public. 
The US Food and Drug Administration has been allowed, for lack of responsible oversight, to engage in the most deceptive practices in the case of aspartame and Neotame approvals. 
As in the case of The Tobacco Industry and their lies about their product causing death and destruction of lives - the giant Sweetener Industry has, with help from their paid lobbyists, taken a page from The Tobacco Industry's Handbook for protecting their products. The Aspartame Story is an issue of Public Policy gone awry in the worst possible manner. 
This battle will only be won at 'Point of Sale' wherever foods, drinks, medications, etc. are on the shelves. Will consumers vote with their dollars? Savvy retailers carry only products which sell. Remember that, next time you're purchasing products to give yourself and your family. If you buy a product containing aspartame sweeteners by accident, take it back to the store for an exchange or refund. That sends a powerful message to the merchant and the cost is passed along to the manufacturer - where it belongs. Hold them accountable - Keep them honest.