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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aspartame Scientific Study References [partial list]

ACSN cofounder,  James Turner and I met with Chief Deputy Flight Surgeon, Dr. Jon Jordan at his FAA office, as long ago as 1989, presenting our concerns and looking for solutions for pilots. The solution was to establish a Pilot Hotline for the purpose of taking adverse reactions confidentially, which I did. Since then, based on our work, the US Air Force published two separate warnings in their official Flying Safety magazine in 1992. We believe the flying public and pilots have a right to know we have collected several reports of grand mal seizures in the cockpit in flight on commercial airlines. 

Is aspartame the silent terror in the cockpit of every aircraft? Many pilots have reported adverse reactions to the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Pilot Hotline. The effects of aspartame on pilots should be the concern of each member of the flying public. 
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