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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dallas - Jun. 14, 2011 -- This morning I was doing some filing and came across this first letter from Sen. Teddy Kennedy to me. He was especially interested in the aspartame issue, since it can affect people with phenylketonuria. His sister, Rose [named after her mother], suffered severe mental retardation, due to intake of phenylalanine in foods. She spent her life in an institutional setting. Her condition was responsible for her family fighting for the 'heel-stick test,' given all newborns today in the hospital as a test for PKU. As a direct result of that Hearing, there is a federal law  requiring the words: Contains "Phenylalanine" to be printed on the label of every product containing aspartame. (Unfortunately, no such law protects the public against damages from the toxic Aspartame super clone: Neotame.)This is a warning to PKU individuals. There is, however, no such warning to the unidentified 20 million Carriers of the PKU gene in the US alone. Since PKU runs in his family, I certainly hope Sen. Kennedy was not ingesting anything containing aspartame, in an effort to lose weight, prior to his traumatic death from Brain Cancer (experienced in the laboratory by lab animals fed Aspartame). My husband, Mike Stoddard, died of Brain Cancer in 1985 and I know firsthand the agony it causes, not only the victim, but the family as well. I have many reports in our files on Aspartame-induced brain tumors and grand mal seizures associated with aspartame use, including those of Military and Airline Pilots and children.

I enjoyed meeting Sen. Kennedy at the Senate Hearing as we worked together to organize Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline in 1987. I also gave testimony to the Senate during that hearing, and sent out press releases letting media know of the event. Members of the press had not been contacted by anyone before I called to inform them of the hearing. It ended up being extensively covered, due to our news release. It seems, I turned out to be giving Testimony as well as being the de facto Publicist for the Sen. Hearing on the Safety of Aspartame, Nov. 3, 1987. Many breaking news stories were fed to news agencies and networks that evening, based on our original contacts with the National Media in Washington and the stories continue, 24 years later. Which prompts many to ask, "Why is Aspartame still on the market?" Our answer? "Ask the US FDA."

Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline (since 1987)
Written on US Senate Letterhead by Sen. Edward Kennedy to Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder of the original Aspartame Awareness Campaign that went international, under the expert guidance of James Turner, Esq. and Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard, in 1987:

Edward M. Kennedy
United States Senate
Washington DC 20510
August 27, 1987

Ms. Mary Nash Stoddard, President
Aspartame Victims and Their Friends
PO Box 780634 - Dallas Texas 75378

Dear Ms. Stoddard:

Thank you for your letter concerning NutraSweet (Aspartame).

I share your concern about recent studies that have shown that Aspartame may be less than totally safe. Senator Metzenbaum has raised serious questions about the safety of Aspartame, and the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources will most likely hold hearings in the near future on this subject. In these hearings (actually held Nov. 3, 1987), we would hope to provide an opportunity for concerned citizens, biomedical researchers, and industry representatives to provide testimony on the safety or possible toxic effects of Aspartame.

Thank you for sharing your views on this most important topic.


Edward M. Kennedy