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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

METHANOL IN OUR FOOD SUPPLY by the world expert: Woodrow C. Monte, Ph.D


            My concern about the safety of aspartame centers on its 11% methanol content. My reservation about its safety has only deepened over the twenty five years since my first scientific publication questioning its safety in the Journal of Applied Nutrition (previously sent to Sandra Adedapo).

            Every molecule of aspartame liberates a molecule of methanol on consumption and each molecule of methanol metabolizes into a molecule of formaldehyde within the brain and other vulnerable tissue of the unsuspecting consumer.

            Formaldehyde is now universally classified as a known human carcinogen with no safe level of consumption.  The health threat is magnified when this highly reactive substance is produced within the body from methanol.

            My recent scientific article explains in detail the premise by which methanol may act as a etiologic agent of disease.(586)*  The reference numbering of this version of my article can be used on the reference section of my website,, to easily retrieve original references where needed for elucidation.

            I am in press of a review of the entire body of methanol literature as pertinent to aspartame poisoning in a book entitled While Science Sleeps. The book will be available soon. I recommend it to your committee as a thorough review of the methanol literature by a food scientist who has never been a consultant to the industry that profits from the sweetener.

            The recent controversial admission by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency that "methanol is a possible cause of developmental birth defects"(627) and the recent release (this year) of an internal U.S. FDA memo(677) pointing to aspartame as having caused birth defects in laboratory animals are significant evidence to suspect aspartame as the cause of the 25-year-old epidemic of autism, whose point of origin appears to coincide to within one gestational period of the date of aspartame's addition to carbonated beverages.

            I have attached a prepublication copy of Chapter 12 of my book, While Science Sleeps, that deals with autism and aspartame in order to expedite your committee's reevaluation of the safety of this substance.  I ask that any use of the material herein be sourced to my in press book, While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills, by Woodrow C. Monte, Ph.D.  

            If I can do anything further to help in your review, please let me know.  In the recent past, I have registered with Sandra Adedapo of your staff and sent her other information that I hope will be helpful.

 Kindest regards,

Woodrow C. Monte, Ph.D 

Emeritus Professor of Food Science - Arizona State University