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Monday, May 7, 2012

Secretary of Defense Correspondence Re: PILOTS & ASPARTAME (from Mary Nash Stoddard/author Deadly Deception Story of Aspartame)

Office Of The Under Secretary of Defense
3000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20301-3000

Department of Defense Acquisition and Technology
20 October 1997

Ms. Mary Nash Stoddard
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
PO Box 780634
Dallas TX 75378

Dear Ms. Stoddard:

This letter responds to your letter of September 24, 1997, to the Secretary of Defense concerning the use of aspartame by pilots. The Department of Defense shares your concern for the safety of our aviation personnel.

Issues such as this are under continued review by medical specialists from our Armed Services. I have forwarded your letter to the Military Departments for their review and I have requested they provide me their analysis and recommendations for action.

Thank you for your concern. I appreciate you taking the time to provide this information.

Very truly yours,
Sherri W. Goodman
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
[Environmental Security]

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline
P.O. Box 2001 - Frisco TX 75378

William S. Cohen, Secretary
Office of the Secretary [OSD]
Department of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington D.C. 20301-1000

September 23, 1997

Re:  USAF Official Stand Down - 9/26/97

Dear Secretary Cohen:

Thank you for the opportunity to share our findings and concerns with you regarding U.S. Military Pilots and those who work with them maintaining their planes and controlling military air traffic, etc. For the past decade [since 1987], I have maintained and operated a unique Pilot Hotline for the reporting of adverse reactions to their artificial sweetener, aspartame [aka NutraSweet/Equal.] During this time, I have been made increasingly aware of a risk factor to pilots that is capable of clouding their vision, fogging their brains and causing them to suffer grand mal seizures and vertigo in the cockpit while flying. I was first made cognizant of this situation when I gave testimony to the Senate in 1987. While there, F-16 pilot, Maj. Michael Collings took me aside and asked me to help pilots understand this substance that is capable of sabotaging their flying careers and possibly even taking their lives in the process. You see, Maj. Collings had experienced a grand mal seizure [just like the one my daughter had in 1985], from his sugarfree drink. When I met with Deputy Chief Flight Surgeon, Dr. Jon Jordan at the FAA in Washington in 1988, he expressed concerns, but told James Turner and me that there was nothing he could do to warn pilots against a danger the FDA refused to acknowledge. It was then I decided to start a hotline, with no funding, just to help pilots report anonymously, their adverse reactions. These reports have come in to me by the hundreds. Our warnings have been published in such notable publications as: USAF Flying Safety magazine [May and August issues, 1992], and Navy Physiology magazine earlier. Dozens of flying magazines around the world have published our warnings to the flying community. But, now it is time to republish those warnings.

An Air Force Stand Down, such as the one proposed for this Friday, September 26, will be completely futile, unless pilots are warned about the hidden dangers of using artificial sweeteners by a person, such as yourself, in a position of respect and authority. I understand this is something of a 'hot potato' issue - but, it's time for someone with true courage of convictions, to speak out and save lives. Many government officials have told us off the record they consider aspartame a high risk factor, and they do not use it themselves. But, they refuse to take that extra step and tell pilots in an official memo. Until that happens, lives will continue to be lost and planes and helicopters will continue to plunge to earth for no apparent reason.

In our files are case histories of pilots who have experienced grand mal seizures in the cockpit of commercial airliners. Yes, that is plural. It has happened on numerous occasions and we have the details in our files.

I have attached to this letter an article that was the featured cover story in Extraordinary Science magazine a year or so ago. Please notice the references to large numbers of flying magazines that have published warnings in the past.

Last Thursday, September 17, a top government official in Canada's Department of Transport, a former Air Force pilot himself, went on Canadian TV with me, warning pilots of the high risk factors associated with consuming aspartame and flying any aircraft. During the course of his five or so minutes interview he said, 'Whether it be operating a large commercial airline jet with passengers, doing lumber work with helicopters and everywhere in between, it's imperative pilots be made aware of aspartame products [including virtually all chewing gums - sugarfree or no], that could affect their performance.'

Secretary Cohen, I hope this week you will urgently issue an official 'Heads Up Alert' to military pilots, concerning their consumption of all products containing the artificial sweetener, aspartame.


Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network 
and Pilot Hotline [since 1987]

USAF Flying Safety magazine articles [2]
TESLA Society's Extraordinary Science magazine article

House Majority Leader, Congressman Dick Armey
James Turner Esq. - Washington D.C.