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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Over a 27 year period, ACSN has collected thousands of Adverse Reaction Reports such as this one. If you feel you have had a reaction to your Artificial Sweetener Aspartame or Neotame please email: or go to: <>


Name:  R.S. Jr.
Age_32__ Sex: Male
Address: xxx xxxxx
City:  xxxxxx New Jersey

Medical problems that you believe are caused from using aspartame:
Irregular Heart Beat, Anxiety / Panic Attacks, Joint Pain, Muscle weakness, especially in the legs, lack of muscular endurance, weight gain, headache, Pain in neck and shoulders, Mental confusion and "fog", loss of concentration, decreased sex-drive, upset stomach.

Why do you believe aspartame caused these problems?
The problems began gradually about the time I started to use aspartame products on a regular basis, and increased dramatically as my use of these products increased.

Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products? 
I have been off of aspartame for 2 weeks, and the vast majority of my symptoms are gone or improving greatly, including chronic problems I had for years.

Did you see a Doctor about symptoms?
Yes, especially when I began having panic attacks and irregular heart beat.

Did Doctor think it related to aspartame?
No, he diagnosed me with severe stress and depression.  My panic attacks ceased when I quit using aspartame.

Did you report your symptoms to the FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) or any other
Not yet, but I am planning to contact the FDA.

What specific products(s) containing aspartame were you consuming when you
experienced these symptoms?
Diet sodas, flavored waters, and a variety of "low carb" products and sugar-free products.

On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each
time, etc.)
I began only having aspartame once in awhile.  As I started a "low carb" diet, I used Diet drinks and sugar free foods much more often.  Maybe 2 sodas a day, and 2 or 3 diet products.

How long had you been consuming these products before you experienced the
Some symptoms, such as weight gain, joint pain, mental "fog", etc have been with me for a few years.  The severe panic attacks and heart problems began after I increased the amount of products I was consuming.

Did you begin using products with aspartame when you began a restricted
calorie diet?
I had been using aspartame products sparingly before that, such as a diet soda here and there.  However, I GREATLY increased my intake of aspartame while dieting.

Did you use aspartame products only for some of your meals to save calories?
I would use aspartame products such as diet bars, snacks, etc more to avoid sugar than to save calories.

Did aspartame seem to help you lose weight at first?
No, never.  I have gained a significant amount of weight after using aspartame products. 

What were the long term weight loss effects of using aspartame.
35 lb weight gain over 2 years. (ed.: Asparbesity?)

Date: August 2, 2004 6:04:20 PM CDT
Subject: Aspartame questionnaire