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Friday, March 29, 2013

Deadly Deception - Think Aspartame in Gum is Harmless?

Stoddard's POV - March 29, 2013 -- Chewing gum is probably the most frighteningly-efficient and potentially toxic delivery system in humans. The Aspartame molecule, w/its 10% Methanol breakdown product, which converts in the body, into deadly Formaldehyde, embalming fluid, Formic Acid and DKP, a known brain tumor agent. 

Doctors all know 'sublingual absorption' is one of the most powerfully efficient ways to get a substance directly into the bloodstream - bypassing the usual digestive filtration system functions that cleanse and purge the body of harmful, unwanted substances.

Virtually all (even those with sugar and other sweetener blends) commercially-produced chewing gums now contain Aspartame/Neotame (super clone of ASP). Even in the 'nicotine gum' used in an attempt to control cigarette cravings. Smokers may be trading one deadly habit for another when they switch to gum containing the neurotoxic sweetener.

If you are a user of chewing gums - please check out the ones sold primarily in health food stores/markets or on the Internet. Stevia gum and those containing Xylitol, for example, are considered by this editor to be safest of all.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking since one doesn't eat or drink chewing gum, it is a perfectly benign habit. That, can be a 'dead wrong' assumption.

Sublingual Absorption:

The Aspartame can then be absorbed partially or entirely into the systemic circulation from blood vessels in the sublingual mucosa. The sublingual route for medications usually produces a faster onset of action than orally ingested tablets and the portion absorbed through the sublingual blood vessels bypasses the hepatic first-pass metabolic processes.

Please share this vital information and our Stoddard's POV Blog with everyone you know. (Especially Pilots; Ship Captains, Flight Attendants as well as Parents). -- In Health/Happiness, Mary Nash Stoddard/author Deadly Deception Story of Aspartame (Odenwald Press)


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