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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mary Nash Stoddard Nationally-Recognized Public Figure in US Broadcasting History!

"Celebrating 60 Years Of Public Service To God, Country and Her Fellowman" (1954 - Present)

Here's Mary Stoddard on the air at USA Radio Network, with Co-Host, Nutritionist, Doug Kauffman. The popular 2-hour weekly show aired every Saturday morning, with in-studio guests and callers from all over the country.

Next: Currently in a Dallas Sound Recording Studio, Mary can be found Narrating Documentaries, Voice Overs, etc. for Advertisers and Clients around the globe.

Next: KVIL's GIRL NAMED SAM Takes the Helm at Midnight every night with her popular Music/Talk/News/Celebrity Interview Show, "NIGHTLIGHT." -- TV Radio Mirror magazine Feature Article, October, 1965)

Female Broadcasting Pioneer on U.S. Radio and TV. Investigative Journalist Seen and Heard Around The World via Internet and International Radio and TV Airwaves. Even found time to: 

* Help Produce 60-Minutes Segments in NY City and Sydney Australia. 

* Star in a French Documentary Film in 2010/11 

* Field Interviews around the world, in her job as Food Safety Expert and former Member of the U.S. President's Select Committee on Food Safety and as Spokesperson for the International "Aspartame Awareness Campaign." 

* A close friend to many celebrities with whom she has worked over the years, Stoddard says, "It's not name-dropping if they know who You are!"


In the 1990s, to mid- 2000s, Mary Nash Stoddard, was a popular Talk Show Host/Producer.
"The Great American Talk Show" - Aired every Saturday night on KSKY AM Radio, heard in 5 States and on the Internet. Mary interviewed Guests in Studio, that included: Celebrities; Public Figures; Healthcare Professionals; Nutritionist and Fitness Gurus; Entertainers etc.
One show in 1995, discussing the Veggie Libel Bill in TX, generated lots of listener interest and was responsible for 60,000 calls flooding the switchboard at the Texas Capitol in Austin, asking Governor George W. Bush, to Veto the Bill, which essentially made disparaging remarks about any perishable food or beverage, a Criminal Offense. In September of that same year, the Bill slipped through, without Gov. Bush either Veto-ing or Signing it.
On USA Radio Network, which aired on 200 stations nationwide and internationally on the Internet, Stoddard and co-host, Doug Kauffman held court for two hours each Saturday morning … interviewing interesting guests and taking callers from all over the USA. "Your Health Matters" aired for two hours each week. Kauffman and Stoddard provided informative and sometimes provocative Commentary discussing topics of Health; Fitness; Lifestyle; Food;Diet and Food Safety Issues…including the latest from Washington.
In the early 2000s, "The Mary Stoddard Show" was streamed around the world on one of the Internet's first ever Internet Radio Networks… Real Talk Network, based in Dallas, TX.
In fact, this U.S. Broadcasting Pioneer, billed as the "First FCC Licensed Female on Dallas Radio" and the entire Southwest, got her start in the Greater Houston Area, in 1954, on KULP AM Radio (El Campo, TX), on the Texas Gulf Coast, while she was still in High School. Heck, she couldn't even drive herself to the station on her own at the time, relying on her Mother for transportation.
In college, in Waco, Texas, as a Voice Major at Baylor University, Stoddard (Then, Mary Nash), also worked at W-A-C-O AM Radio ... heard on the air on Singing Jingles, Station Ids/Liners and headed the stations Copy Department, writing all the ads for sponsors.
After a detour through Mineral Wells, TX, where she worked at KORC AM, with studios in the famous Baker Hotel, she (then, Mary Nash Sanders), left in Spring 1964, to take a job as Traffic Director at Radio Icon, Gordon McLendon's Flagship KLIF AM in Dallas, Texas. While there, in addition to scheduling all the commercial ads the station ran during a 24-hour period, her voice could also be heard on Station Ids and lots of ads for sponsors, on one of the Top Radio Stations in the U.S.
Her talents were not being fully utilized on-the-air, so she applied for and got the job at KVIL AM/FM Dallas, as Head Copywriter and Voice Over specialist at the popular "Contemporary Adult Listening Station" in one of the Top 8 Markets in the U.S.
Soon, Mary was offered a 6-hour nightly Show, which she accepted, making her the 1st FCC-Licensed Female Announcer/DJ in the Southwest…Dallas' KVIL AM/FM Radio's Girl Named SAM. (Remember, she had her first Show ten years earlier in 1954.)

Stoddard followed that Historic Broadcasting coups by starting, with husband, Mike Stoddard, the first Community owned and operated Radio Station in Texas…KCHU AM, in downtown Dallas studios. Mike and Mary were Founding Board Members, each with their own hour long show. Mary hosted and produced "Conversations," where she interviewed some of Dallas most influential Movers and Shakers, along with a few visiting Hollywood celebs and visiting Star Entertainers.