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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aspartame Reaction Case History: Multiple Sclerosis / Alzheimer /Neurological Symptoms


The site was by Mary Stoddard, a nice lady who's devoted her life to educating people on this chemical. I called my mother at 6 a.m. and _very quietly_ read ...
Aspartame Poisoning _ Symptoms
Author: joanne <>
Date: 1998/12/22

Excuse me, may I interrupt here? My mother has been on many medications
because she is mentally ill. When she started developing pains in her legs
and slurred speech we took her to the doctor. He didn't know what was wrong
with her and we soon changed her medication as I was blaming that. Soon
after she descended the staircase into mania like that which I had never
seen, and hope never to experience again. Soon I found find out that ALL
of the symptoms she experienced were being caused by massive, long-term
consumption of Aspartame.

First, her muscles started going (she started falling down alot) and anxiety
attacks became a daily event. I was seeking help for her as I saw a
deepening depression that I did not like, increased irritibility, heard her
complaining daily of dizziness and the right side of her face was fallen and
experiencing some kind of paralysis. She obviously was suffering fatigue as
we couldn't get her off the couch. After a few months she became
increasingly manic.

My mom started staying up all night yelling, pounding, smashing much more
violently than usual saying that my grandfather was going to kill her, so
she was preparing to kill him in self-defence. I immediately started
fighting with doctors to get her into a mental hospital. I am telling you
this very personal information because I want you to KNOW that this
possibility is very real and I am not exaggerating the details. This is
just how it was. After three months of battling with doctors I finally got
her into a mental hospital, not from her illness, but from taking too much
Aspartame. She was in the hospital for over a month and guess what? They
didn't serve Aspartame. Within 3 days of being there, my mom was back to
normal (except for the brain tumour). I just couldn't believe the change in
her behaviour. It was almost instant.

At the time, everyone in my family thought she was nuts, except me. My mom
had been stable all of my 32 years and I knew these symptoms were being
caused by "something" though I didn't know what. I thought it was the
long-term use of her medication. After four years of trying to find a
needle in a haystack and deeply regretting changing her medication, I found
a site which brought it all home. The site was by Mary Stoddard, a nice
lady who's devoted her life to educating people on this chemical. I called
my mother at 6 a.m. and _very quietly_ read the page to her. She
immediately went to the toilet and flushed the sweeteners down the drain.
I did not have to argue with her, I simply read her the information which
was pretty conclusive in and of itself. Then I phoned the woman in the
States to thank her as she may well have saved my mother's life.

I thank God every day for the Net or I never would have figured it out. The
symptoms were just too strange. By the way, Mary Stoddard's site is at:

The list below doesn't mention tumours in the temporal lobe, though it does
mention brain cancer..; ) It lists many other symptoms of which people
should be aware. The symptoms my mother suffered seem pretty common so
please make note of them. If a member of your family develops a brain
tumour in the right temporal lobe, question them on their intake of
Aspartame. If they start complaining of blurring vision and start slurring
their speech, this is a dead give-away. Remember, it took me four years to
figure out what was wrong with my mom. Please don't go through that. And
don't bother trying to change them, just hand them the information and let
them learn it for themselves. I've learned the hard way that harping does
not work. Maybe print off the information and offering it to them with the
hope of their recognizing their symtoms might help them willingly part the
sweeteners. Also, Mary's questionnaire is at: and she gladly answers all
questions, so please feel free to ask her.

Since this happened to my mother, I have been an active proponent against
Aspartame in the form of letter writing and educating the public on its
potential side-effects. It took many years of consumption and huge doses to
bring my 220 lb mother to her knees. It would take far less for a smaller
human being. Just be forewarned that these effects are real and happening
to real people, like my mom and my family.

Blessings and peace,
Joanne M. Stephenson
KIN International
Stay alert for the top five:

* Confusion - inability to think or concentrate
* Anxiety Attacks - mood swings - sudden rages
* Weakening Muscles - collapsing for no reason - may complain of unstable
ankles or knees
* Blurring Vision
* Slurred Speech

Mary Nash Stoddard