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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#Aspartame Adverse Reaction Report (Typical of Thousands Received by ACSN org.)

The following is a fairly typical, serious report to our Aspartame Awareness Home Office in Dallas. Tens of Thousands have contacted us over the years to tell their stories - often with supporting documentation in the form of Medical Records. Often, a relative contacts us to talk about losing a loved one to this terrible substance. It breaks my heart to hear and read these things, but I continue to educate and provide hope and comfort to those who have suffered so needlessly. These victims deserve better than this! - Mary Nash Stoddard

Date: March 11, 2004 12:08:29 PM CST
Subject: Nutrasweet Questionnaire

Nutrasweet Questionnaire

Dear Ms Stoddard - I found the website today, and thought I'd share my story, as old as it is.
I'm not a pilot - but when I had my first attack, I was driving on the New York State Thruway.  Fortnately I wasn't alone.  The trip from upstate New York to Newton MA took close to 10 hours, and included two stops at hospitals along the way.  The ER doctors assumed it was from July 4th weekend drinking with friends; but the attacks continued.
I've always felt that the stuff was dangerous.  People look at me like I'm cuckoo when I tell my story - all I can say was that my problem stopped after I stopped ingesting the stuff.
And I refuse to give it to my kids.
Good luck in your endeavors.
Name: T. D.
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Westborough MA
Medical problem caused by Aspartame:
Extreme vertigo/nausea/dizziness
Why I believe they were caused by aspartame:
Because they stopped when I stopped drinking diet beverages.
Did the symptoms go away?
Yes, after about a month or two.  For a period of some months in 1992, I had regular attacks, occurring about every 14 days, of vertigo where I couldn't stand up, I couldn't walk - all I could do was hold onto the floor, vomit, and hold on for dear life for the 10-15 hours the attacks would last. 
When I stopped drinking diet drinks, the attacks continued for a month or two, with decreasing severity and intensity, and the time between the attacks got longer, until they stopped altogether.  I haven't had an experience like this since late 1992.
Did I see a doctor? 
Yes.  I saw an ENT who performed extensive tests, including an MRI, to rule out brain tumor or a tumor in the ear exerting pressure on the vestibular system.  He also ruled out drug use, wax buildup in the ear, and other ear-related problems.
Did the doctor think it was linked to Aspartame? No.
Did I report the symptoms?  No.  This is the first time I'm reporting it anywhere.
What specific products:
Diet Coca-Cola, Crystal Light (powdered drink mix)
How much/how often:
At least 6 - 12oz cans of Diet Coke a day; several 8-12 oz glasses of Crystal Light.  It wasn't bad for me, and calorie free, so what was the harm of drinking so much? 
How long before I experienced symptoms? 
I don't recall - it was 10 plus years ago, now - but probably some months.  My first attack occurred over the July 4 weekend and continued into the fall.  I probably started drinking the stuff as a means to lose weight - I had gained a lot over the holidays.