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Thursday, October 23, 2014

#ASPARTAME MAKES YOU GAIN WEIGHT! (Weight Loss Advisory Video)

#ASPARTAME VIDEO SERIES with Shocking Secrets Revealed

DALLAS TX: The former Texas State Judge who gave Sworn Testimony at the Senate Hearings in Washington DC and got International Media Coverage breaks her silence and talks about the FDA History of Lies about the artificial sweetener we were told was safe as eating "bananas & milk!" They knew it was a lie. Biggest lie of all is "Aspartame Helps You Lose Weight!" In this exclusive video, the anti-aspartame campaign Pioneer tells all. Prepare to hear the 'bitter' truth about the sweetener you thought was harmless. Not just harmless, but beneficial! Now, manufacturers like Yoplait, are advertising products as "Aspartame Free." Pepsi has even gone back to using real Sugar in their regular sodas! Next time you reach for a sugarfree treat or a Diet Soda, remember what you heard here. This Aspartame Awareness campaigner has spent the past 3 decades sounding the alarm. Will you allow the truth about the sweetener that's harming people to be shared by you, now that you know? Knowledge is power. Tell a friend!

Mary Nash Stoddard