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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is the Cover of our Promotional DVD, sent out to media, showing a few of the dozens of international TV News Segments We've appeared in and/or Produced since 1987, on behalf of our Aspartame Consumer Safety Network.

Top Left: Our story on 60-Minutes, representing two years of cooperating with Mike Wallace and his Producer, Isadore Rosmarin, who flew into DFW, came to my home and interviewed many of our members who'd suffered adverse reactions…including Pilots, University Professors and others.
The segment aired at least 3 different times and was so successful, I was engaged to help produce a series with the Australian 60-Minutes news anchor and production team. The work on that broadcast was extremely successful. We interviewed a brain tumor patient, who died a few days after the broadcast aired. 

Top Right: Historical Brain Tumor Press Conference in Washington D.C. at a Neurology Conference. L to R Panel Members: Dr. John Olney, Dr. Ralph Walton, James Turner, Esq., Senator Howard Metzenbaum and Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard. Story was picked up by all the wireservices and TV News Channels around the world.

Lower Left: Capt. Harold Wilson, Airline Captain in Alaska, who suffered a grand mal seizure in flight in the cockpit. Many other stories of Pilots losing their medical certification to fly may be seen at:

Lower Right: Mary Nash Stoddard on International Tour on behalf of Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline, being interviewed by TV anchor re: ACSN's Mission and what Researchers, FDA, consumers and the manufacturers are saying about the sweetener.

For more information see:

Aspartame & Flying - What Every Pilot/Passenger/Flight Crew/Air Traffic Controller Should Know About The Dangers:

keywords: Pilots, USAF, FAA, FDA, Airlines, Pilot Hotline, Sen. Hearings, etc.

Subject: Links To MY 3 Latest SKYPE Video Aspartame Interviews on You Tube - Please SHARE "Every Parent Should Know"

Friday Sept. 6, 2013 The Organic View Video Interview:
 (Sept. 6, 2013)
Host June Stoyer 2nd Video Interview With Mary Nash Stoddard 
Keywords: Aspartame; Neotame; Kids; FDA; Labeling; Seizures; PKU; Food Safety; Schools
****(Aug. 15, 2013)
Host June Stoyer 1st Video Interview With Mary Nash Stoddard 
Keywords: Aspartame; Neotame; Medications; Dental Products; OTC Products; Artificial Sweeteners; Cancers; Medical Records
Video Interviews on (audio only) on the Laura Lee Show With Mary Nash Stoddard:
Series of 4 Aspartame Interviews

Video Interview on The Organic View Video (audio & still photo)
Keywords: Aspartame; Neotame; FDA; Obesity; Weight Gain; Diet Drinks; Mayor Bloomberg Law in NYC
2012 Video Interview on The Organic View Video (audio & still photo only)
Keywords: Aspartame; Neotame; EUFSA; Sen. Hearings; Pilot Hotline; Symptoms; Deaths
Radio Interview by Dr. Peter Breggin With Mary Nash Stoddard (5/29/13)
Keywords: Aspartame; Neotame; Phenylalanine; Sen. Hearings; Jas. Turner; MSG; FDA; FAA

Radio Interview Truth Squad Radio's Host, Barbara Peterson With Mary Nash Stoddard (2/1/11) - The PPJ Gazette 
Keywords: Aspartame; Neotame; ACSN; FDA; FAA; NutraSweet; Equal; AminoSweet; Sugar

Update on Truth Squad Radio Barbara Peterson and Marti Oakley w/Mary Nash Stoddard
Radio Interview Host Ernie Brown on CBS Radio With Mary Nash Stoddard (8/9/10)
(After Interview aired, Host & Radio Station Manager got intimidating letters objecting to the Interview from NutraSweet Headquarters in Chicago)
Mary Nash Stoddard