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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Sweetener Games Starring: THE MULTIPLE ASPARTAMES


The Organic View Radio Show Host June Stoyer Interviews 
Hon. Mary Nash Stoddard

April 9, 2015 -- Did you know Aspartame now legally masquerades under many faux names and titles? With FDA's blessing often under-the-radar, since some of the newer versions, like Neotame, do not require labeling. Learn the latest here. Don't be bamboozled by the Flim-Flam tactics of the non-nutritive, zero calorie, sweetener manufacturers. For them, salvation lies in their being able to fool consumers into buying toxic products. The consumer isn't told these sweeteners contain 10% Methanol (Wood Alcohol), by weight. So, for example, each can of diet soda contains approximately 200 mg of Aspartame, which means they contain 20 mg of pure, unadulterated Methyl Alcohol, which transforms further into deadly Formaldehyde. It's obvious by their actions, they think consumers are stupid - too ignorant to differentiate between those products that will harm their families and which are the clearly nutritious, healthy ones. You can prove them wrong. We tell you how in this carefully-researched interview.

Learn what to look for on Labels. If you buy one with Aspartame by accident, take it back to the store. If manufacturers continue losing money on a product, they will cease production. Vote with your wallet! 

How many food products have been recalled from people getting sick on an Aspartame-sweetened item? They always blame something else, of course, since the symptoms may be similiar, who will dispute them? So many weird syndromes and unheard of until now diseases/conditions have popped up since the advent of Aspartame? Let's start with the epidemic of Childhood Obesity. Look at the statistics. This was virtually non-existent prior to the early 80s when pregnant women included Aspartame-sweetened foods and drinks into their diets. Research has proven Aspartame can be a powerful trigger for weight gain in children and adults.

Many cases of Aspartame poisoning are hustled off into hard-to-diagnose disease/syndrome categories, where they can stay buried. Allow me to present this example, for your thoughtful consideration. One of these possibilities is (the almost non-existent, prior to the 80s) Lyme disease. It's a well-known fact: consumers can't sue a Tick! And, there's no definitive test to diagnose it. Incredibly, Fibromyalgia patients often get well simply by eliminating Aspartame from their diets. What's that all about! We know and now you can, too. And, on and on.